Community Advancement

Ron Robertson Enhancement Fund

The Ron Robertson Enhancement Fund was established to honour the contribution of one of Wellesley Central Residences Inc.’s founding board members.

But Mr. Robertson’s contributions extend back many years.

After the Wellesley Central Hospital closed in 1998, the buildings and lands remained the property of Wellesley Central Health Corporation (now the Wellesley Institute). This organization embarked on an ambitious 10-year project to build an “urban village” on the site of the former hospital. The development was headed by Ron Robertson — a past Chair of Fasken Martineau and Vice Chair of the Wellesley Institute’s Board of Directors. The development project closest to Ron’s heart was the supportive housing complex on the site that now houses the Tony Di Pede Residence.

The Ron Robertson Community Enhancement Fund has been used to support various community activities and programs — enhancing the social lives of residents by improving social cohesion. These activities may consist of parties, barbecues, local outings and gardening. All programs are tied to health and wellness, with an emphasis on enhancing and strengthening the quality of life of WCRI residents. 

Residents can apply to the Enhancement Fund. If approved, fees will be paid directly to the service provider offering the programme/service. 

Some activities that are eligible for the Ron Robertson Community Enhancement Fund include:

  • Creative activities and any art form

  • Activities that are based on group or self-expression

  • Activities that embrace diversity

  • Activities based on food security and nutrition

  • Activities that support broad resident participation and integration between ages, gender and culture

  • Activities that reduce social isolation

  • Activities that promote wellness and positive health outcomes

If you would like to provide financial support for these programs, CLICK HERE to make a donation through our partner Fife House, and select the Ron Robertson Enhancement Fund.