Advancing Innovations and Partnerships

Wellesley Central Residences Inc. is committed to advancing best practices in innovative partnership models in supportive housing. It recently released its latest report on the subject entitled, “Building a Dream: Towards a Sustainable and Evolving Housing Partnership.”

The history of Wellesley Central Residences Inc. is rife with lessons that are relevant in today’s climate. The policy environment at the City of Toronto and the provincial government is at a crossroads. Both parties realize that the lack of affordable housing in Toronto has reached an unacceptable level and are investigating policy and funding options to address this issue. At the same time, a number of groups have formed — including the Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness and the National 20,000 Homes Campaign — to bring together agencies and non-governmental organizations that provide affordable housing and related social supports. All of this is occurring at a time of massive Ontario provincial debt, tightening budgets and the forecast of very moderate economic growth over the next decade.

Solutions to address the chronic affordable housing shortage and the aging homeless population, often with complex health issues, will require innovative financing and partnership solutions. Wellesley Central Residences Inc. is continuing its research into innovative supportive models. And we continue to look for other partnerships across Canada to assist us in advancing these models.