Wellesley Central Residences Inc. has established a three-year strategic plan (link to Strategic Plan pdf) to further its vision, mission and values:


An inclusive society in which housing inequality will no longer be a social barrier, allowing all to live, thrive and enjoy the full benefits of belonging to their communities.


To be a catalyst and facilitator to address the critical need for supportive housing through advocacy, education and community action.


Wellesley Central Residences Inc. lives and operates by the following values:

Social Justice: We ensure that our residents are served with respect and dignity and this will guide all of our actions and activities.

Partnership: We approach all of our initiatives under the belief that the best solutions come from working in collaboration.

Accountability: We are accountable to our stakeholders for ensuring that we deliver effective services while being financially prudent.

Leadership: We will work to build community capacity by supporting the development of emerging leaders.

Innovation: We will initiate and collaborate in the development and delivery of innovative models of supportive housing.